Fees and payment options 

We offer the following fee payment options in respect to our services:

Fixed Fee
We invoice fixed fee for predetermined scope of consultation regardless of actual time spent by the specialists.

Hourly Fee
Fee for general consultation or provision of assistance to clients is invoiced based on actual time spent by the specialists in accordance with their personal rates. Within framework of hourly rates in certain cases we can apply discount rate.


Bonus Fee
Fee is determined as certain percentage of successfully completed case or transaction.

Monthly Fixed Fee
Fixed amount of monthly fee is paid by the client for general financial, legal, accounting, tax and audit advice (verbal and written), contract review, initializing and/or drafting and issuing of legal, tax  and consulting opinions regardless of volume of work and time spent by our specialists within a given month. In other words, we will act as your in-house counsels and specialists doing day-to-day routine of legal and other appropriate work for your company.

Monthly fixed fee is not applied to the services in connection with litigation and/or specific large-scale projects which are subject to special fees, agreed with the client prior to engagement.

Mixed Form of Payment
Combination of various payment options as indicated above.

Fees for Ready-made Companies and Company Formation
Please contact us concerning wholesale (when you buy a number of companies) and retail (when you buy a single company) prices.