We focus on providing high quality tax advice, whether in the context of large corporate financing transactions or innovative tax planning opportunities arising from complex new tax legislation. Dedicated to getting the optimal results for our clients, we get highly involved in client matters and make sure that clients feel they have easy access to our directors, managers and our team members. The outstanding quality of our services has resulted in a number of long-standing relationships with small and large multi-national organizations and large private equity funds.

The members of our international team specialize in a broad range of transaction and international tax planning services in the following fields:

• International holding- finance- and license structures,


Mergers and acquisitions,

• Disposals and restructurings,

• Strategic tax planning,

• Private equity,

• Joint ventures,

Investment funds,

Real estate,

• Financial instruments and financial derivatives,

• Private clients,

• Structuring of acquisition and leasing of assets,

• IPOs,

• Incentive schemes for employees,

• Shipping, ship-management and other areas

• Citizenship and Residency

The members of our international tax team all have a long history of sophisticated representations of multinational companies in the field of international taxation. Our tax department also renders general tax advice and “day to day work” for Cyprus based companies, including tax compliance such as the annual filing of income tax returns and the quarterly filing of VAT returns.