• EXSUS TRUST is a unique consulting company combining the western style of providing consulting services of the highest quality with deep and intimate knowledge of CIS and Eastern European legislation and practice. We provide a comprehensive range of tax, legal, accounting, auditing, and corporate administration services to a number of corporate and private clients at the level of quality as would be expected from a recognized international consulting firm.

Our Services

We also provide a wide range of services in registration and complex maintenance of offshore and European companies and are always eager to help to register them in any country providing the necessary support.
  • Corporate Registration

EXSUS TRUST accomplishes registration of international companies, banks, insurance companies, European investment companies, funds and trusts in the most popular jurisdictions.

  • Corporate Services

EXSUS TRUST corporate services team consists of lawyers and paralegals, specialized in Company Law of various jurisdictions enhanced through years of experience and servicing a variety of clients.

  • Banking Services

Our banking team specialises in providing support for all our clients’ banking requirements and is the single point of contact for all their banking requests.

  • Migration Services

We offer the full range of migration services including applying and obtaining temporary and permanent work permits, residence permits and naturalization of foreign investors` applications.

Our Partners