Our professionals have been providing a wide array of legal, tax planning, accounting, auditing and corporate administration services to the business community for two decades. We make it a priority to fully understand our clients’ operations and objectives, their systems and their requirements. We believe that an intimate knowledge of our clients’ businesses and a dedicated, flexible approach to client relationships are indispensable in ensuring the consistent high quality of our services.

Tradition versus Innovation

Eventually, unproductive tradition must yield to intelligent innovation. The company was founded by professionals who gained their experience and practiced for many years with large, internationally established and recognised organizations. Their experience helped them to realise that there were better ways of providing services to the business community – better for the client and better for the consultant. We have listened to what our clients had to say about the nature of the services they require and how they want those services to be delivered. Striving to meet the requirements of our clients, we also considered the principles of high integrity and professional duties building a company we are proud to be part of.

Style versus Substance

We are focused on functionality and efficiency to create a company suitable to the demands of today’s value oriented business environment. We have assembled a team of experienced professionals and specially trained support staff and associates who share our commitment to a progressive, constantly innovative practice. We are able to tailor the provision of our services and allocate the members of our team to your particular requirements in order to ensure that your needs are met in the manner expected from a professional company with high quality standards.

Cost Control

We recognise that the cost of services can have a significant impact on your business. We also understand that your decision-making ability is largely dependent on the quality of the information available to you and that you are responsible for working within budgeted financial parameters. We accept that in some circumstances, consulting costs associated with the economics of complex transactions and unforeseen contingencies must be still be estimated and evaluated in advance.

We respond to these needs by ensuring that the scope and nature of the services required is carefully defined through our discussion prior to the commencement stage of our business relationship. Regardless of the nature of the task, we are committed to providing quality service on time and in accordance with your business requirements.

Personal Responsibility

At EXSUS TRUST we believe that our clients need to know the specialist responsible for attending to their affairs and that our staff members must understand the nature of our clients’ business. Your affairs always deserve the personal attention of a dedicated consultant knowledgeable and experienced in such matters, with the appropriate supervision of a Director or a Manager who is directly accountable to you to ensure that your needs are met, regardless of the size or nature of your transaction or concern.