The EXSUS TRUST corporate and trust services team consists of lawyers and paralegals, specialized in Company Law of various jurisdictions enhanced through years of experience and servicing a variety of multinational clients.

The services provided include:Nation-Flags

  • Advice on trust or company formation in various jurisdictions, including Cyprus, Malta, The UK, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, The Isle of Man, Bahamas, B.V.I and many other.
  • Arranging and preparing the minutes of all board meetings, annual and extraordinary general meetings.
  • Assisting with the changes in company structures such as change of company’s directors and secretary, name, registered address, Memorandum and Articles of association, the authorized and/or issued share capital.
  • Preparing all company documents such as company resolutions, Powers of Attorney and carrying out legalization of company documents as required by the client from time to time.
  • Maintaining the statutory records of the company and ensuring that the company meets all its legal obligations such as the filing of the annual returns to the relevant authorities.
  • Assisting the client in drafting contracts and agreements and providing consultancy on all the legal aspects concerning the client’s company.
  • Full consultation regarding the future use of the trust or the company.
  • Registration of the trust or the company.
  • Provision of trustees.
  • Provision of full or partial nominee structure, including shareholders, directors, secretary and legal address.
  • Legalization of documents for future accreditation of the company.
  • Registration in the country of the owner of a company with foreign participation or accreditation of a permanent establishment through a representative office or a branch.
  • Liaison with the Tax office for tax clearances and Double Tax Treaty certificates.
  • Preparation of invoices on behalf of the client, legislation of shipping documents at the Chamber of Commerce and other assistance with re-invoicing and transhipment.